Games from grandma's time

Gather together to play Dutch games for that old-fashioned coziness.

At Moeke Mooren you go back in time with the best Dutch games of the past. Relive old times and discover our games, where conviviality is central. Perfect as a family outing for traditional Dutch cosiness.

The games are timeless and also a delight for children. During the games, you compete against each other, and whoever gets the most points at the end wins!


Old Dutch Games

Relive old times with our fun old Dutch Games for young and old.

Actively get started with the best Dutch games from grandmother’s time. Fun guaranteed!

  • Boomber, reaction, run rotten, tower of Pisa,
  • Rattevallen, sogo, close door, hangman, casinos
  • Rio, king’s game, derby, shuffleboard
  • Kegelbowling, seesaw, people do not get annoyed, turbo
oud hollandse spelen

Games and Dutch-style table grills

Enjoy the Old Dutch Games package with Dutch-style table grills(gourmetten) at Moeke Mooren.

Our old Dutch Games can easily be combined with table grillsCozy around the table grill and forget the passing of time with delicious food. Grill the tastiest meats on a piping hot plate. Children also love to prepare their own dishes. A fun day out for all ages.

steengrill restaurant appeltern moekemooren


Old Dutch Games

Relive the best Dutch Games of the past. Actively get started with games from grandma’s time.

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Prices & Conditions

Adults € 5,25

Children (4-12 years) € 2,65

  • Price per person
  • Different rates apply on public holidays


  • Appeltern is centrally located in the Netherlands, near Nijmegen, Tiel and Oss
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant
  • Large and free parking area

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