Overnight stay

Spend the night in the Land van Maas en Waal area. Peaceful resting by the water.

Enjoy the ultimate experience in the Land van Maas en Waal with an overnight stay. Moeke Mooren in Appeltern is a cozy family business, beautifully situated in a unique location with several accommodations.

Moeke Mooren is centrally located in the De Gouden Ham recreation and nature reserve, on the border between Gelderland and Brabant. The beautiful surroundings offer many opportunities for activities outside the hotel, but also within the walls of Moeke Mooren is plenty to do.


Our accommodations

Moeke Mooren is the ideal location for a carefree and relaxing stay by the Meuse river.

Do you want to stay in Appeltern for more than a day? Perhaps for a weekend or half a week  away? Enjoy even more moments together by staying longer. Stay overnight in one of our comfortable and attractive accommodations.

You can stay in our luxurious 4-star hotel Moeke Mooren, in the bed & breakfast rooms of De Stoep or in our luxurious holiday home Logement De Stoep. You can enjoy every comfort in our accommodations.